The best-kept secret for keeping fit.

Internal Kung Fu Mother Palms taught in Bath

After years of training Kung Fu in the UK I eventually moved to Taiwan and trained Internal Kung Fu full-time from 2000 till 2008, in those eight years I dedicated myself to my teacher master Luo De Xiu (an internationally renowned kung fu teacher with a reputation for no-nonsense practical approach to fighting application). I became a certified teacher of the Yizong school of Internal Kung Fu and received my school name Long De Guan. I moved to Japan and continued training and teaching in the parks of Kyoto for two years before returning to Taiwan for a brief kung fu retreat on my way back to the UK. I started teaching in the UK in 2010 and have been back to Taiwan every year since then to catch up with Luo.

Not just for Kung Fu nerds.

Internal Kung Fu lessons

The Internal Kung Fu classes held in Bath will obviously suit anyone that has an interest in martial arts or movement, but there are also those that seek a new way to keep fit. The training is for all ages and types of people, big, small, strong or weak etc… If you are a bit older and feel that years of too much physical exercise has damaged your body then the classes are perfect for you. I have myself experienced complete recovery from injuries only because of training Internal Kung Fu.

The best kept secret in Bath for keeping fit.

More important to understand about the training that I offer is that it helps in a more dynamic and holistic way, you’ll learn to combine mind and body. Eventually students learn to move without thinking, without effort or conflict, you’ll also be amazed at how much exercise you get from seemingly doing so little. These are not exactly things that you’ll take away with you from exercising endless hours in the gym.

Learn how to become calm, content and coördinated.

I hope more people find Internal Kung Fu, not only for fighting or self-defence, and not because we’re better than that other kung fu school. In a sense it is for personal enlightenment. We might be free to move and breathe however we choose, but we can move with skill and refinement like no other. With the correct training and guidance you can learn that you don’t have to fight with yourself and you don’t need to tense your muscles or hold your breath. Eventually you become coördinated, calm and content.

Please get in touch and join in with the best kept secret for keeping fit and healthy in Bath.
Ollie Smith


Kung Fu Instructor Kung Fu Styles: Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Taijiquan with a background in external kung fu and western boxing.

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