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Kung Fu classes open for limited number in Bath, Somerset.

By Oliver Smith | 11th August 2017

8 PLACES AVAILABLE FOR WEEKLY KUNG FU CLASS IN BATH £45 per month I am happy to announce the regular Internal kung fu lessons run by Oliver Smith at Internal Kung Fu. Always limited to 8 places the lessons will not begin until all 8 spaces are filled. This means there will always be a…

Ollie Smith Bagua circle walking

Pre-Heaven Bagua Zhang

By Oliver Smith | 4th July 2017

Pre-Heaven Bagua by Internal Kung Fu master Luo Dexiu Lou Dexiu Pre-Heaven Bagua In the Pre-Heaven Bagua palms of the Yizong lineage there is a strong association to the form and movement of a dragon; The ‘Single Palm Change’, represents the dragon’s head. Consecutively the dragon’s body is made up of 8 forms – Snake…

Master Luo and Ollie Smith training Taiji -Si Ping Tui Shou

Introducing Master Luo De Xiu.

By Oliver Smith | 25th April 2017

One of the best Internal Kung Fu masters around today I began my journey with Luo in 1999 and still train with him today, when I can find him that is. You’ll most likely meet Luo Dexiu teaching a seminar somewhere in the world, you might also think that you know him after attending his…

Musashi Andy Hug

Destroying the will.

By Oliver Smith | 23rd April 2017

Andy Hug vs Mike Bernado 1996 K1 Grand Prix. Internal Kung Fu ideas on destryoying the will. This is not a story about the magnificent Andy Hug or K1. ‘Destroying the will’ is the result where a fighter is repeatedly beaten on, so much so that it destroys his willingness to continue fighting, not beating…

Internal Kung Fu with Ollie Smith

Fighting with Internal Kung Fu

By Oliver Smith | 14th April 2017

Fighting with Internal kung fu the obsession. If you are into kung fu you’ve probably spent a huge amount of time working on martial applications, you also might fall into one of a few camps, 1. Passive curiosity, not so ready to get hurt or eager to hurt others 2. no-holds-barred fighter, signing up for…

Baguazhang Stick Martial Art Intro 2015 YouTube

Bagua Zhang Stick form

By Oliver Smith | 27th March 2016

What the hell is Bagua Zhang Stick form? There are many drills with the staff or ‘stick’ as I call it, this video shows excerpts of the Gao style Bagua staff form, I might not be able to make it look pretty but that has never concerned me and I continue to try and make…

Ollie Smith training Xingyi Quan Dragon

Xingyi Quan Five Elements

By Oliver Smith | 15th March 2016

Xingyi Quan Five Elements are a series of drills that help with coordination, timing and deliver powerful strikes using whole body power. Xingyi Quan Five Elements Basic Movements The five basic actions are based on the five primary earthly elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth Each element generates the next as follows: Metal generates Water,…

Yizong Internal Kung Fu

24 key demands of Internal Kung

By Oliver Smith | 15th March 2016

  The twenty-four key demands of Bagua Post-Heaven palms: 1. 眼要明 The eyes should be clear 2. 耳要靈 The ears should be lively 3. 手要快 The hands should be fast 4. 肘要近 The elbows should stick next to the body 5. 腿要彈 The legs should spring 6. 裡要掩 Moving inwards the hand should close and turn…

Internal Kung Fu with Ollie Smith

Dealing with pain barriers

By Oliver Smith | 3rd March 2016

Surpassing Pain.  I’ve always been very sensitive in regards to not only everything and everyone around me but also myself and my health.I guess the reason I mention this is that I believe I feel as much pain when training or scrapping as the next guy, what it comes down to at the end of…