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Internal Kung Fu with Ollie Smith
Just off the top of my head I could give you many reasons why you should try Internal Kung Fu, when I meet the people who know how good Internal Kung Fu is we share knowledge like we have the best kept secret around. In today’s ultra busy hyper sensitive life most people cannot switch off, we are more connected to everything around us more than ever before. Even going to the gym means for every hour running, lifting and bouncing around on a yoga ball while music blares out loud and TV screens play 24 hour news channels, you need to then spend in a spa, soaking, sweating and floating to the sound of whale song.
In 2015 my best friend committed suicide, he had struggled with depression for most of his life and he checked out at just 45 years old. I knew that he really didn’t do any exercise and spent much of his free time indoors at a computer playing games. Another thing that my friend often did was to cut back on groceries, he was a bit of a tight bastard and often lived off very basic meals which you or I might only treat as a snack.

Healing with Internal Kung Fu

I strongly feel that getting exercise and maintaining a healthy diet can improve your life for the better. If you choose Internal Kung Fu you can be sure to see gains faster than any other physical activity partly because Internal Kung Fu is as much a mental journey as it is a physical one. You can check one of my other posts on how physical exercise can helps us with improving mood and increasing memory formation: Improve your mental health.
I wish that I could have convinced my friend to change and that I could help people to try Internal Kung Fu, however, I generally only see people who already know a lot about kung fu in my kung fu lessons held in Bath.

Kung Fu World

Men and women that are big or small, old or young can take advantage of the traditional kung fu that I teach. Generally the person who can gauge their ability and adjust the level of training to where it suits them. You can train hard and push yourself mentally and physically or you can do everything lighter and still gain a new awareness and ability.
We also get to practise dual person drills that build strength, timing, coördination and coöperation, which leads well into fighting application and sparring.
There are many benefits in joining Internal Kung Fu lessons with me in Bath, contact me and I can arrange for you to join us Mondays and Thursdays every week.

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Kung Fu Instructor Kung Fu Styles: Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Taijiquan with a background in external kung fu and western boxing.

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