Kung Fu Classes in Bath

Learning Kung fu with Ollie Smith

MONDAYS and THURSDAYS 7:30pm - 9:00pm

These kung fu classes are located in Bath and would suit people with a keen interest in traditional kung fu. There is an emphasis on upgrading one's skill rather than on gradings and tests, so you will not find a belt reward system. We do expect people to buy the school t-shirt and not to wear the clothes or uniform of another martial art club when attending.

Kung fu styles taught are Hebei Xingyi, Gao Bagua, and parts of the Chen Pan Ling Taiji form. All of the kung fu syles are taught over one month. We also focus some of the time in lesson to fighting application (optional) and will wear fighting gear such as gloves, head guards and body armour. The kung fu sparring is reasonably light and usually has an experimental approach to testing some very old fighting techniques.

Whilst we'd like to keep the lessons open to everyone it is best that you are reasonably fit and flexible with a degree of good coordination. If this is not the case then you can arrange for some 1 on 1 kung fu tuition. The 1 on 1 kung fu lessons will teach you everything you need to get up to speed and ready for the group class.

During the lessons you will learn Gao style Bagua, Hebei Xingyi and Chen Pan Ling Taiji (not all at the same time), all from the Taiwan Yizong line of Kung Fu. Bagua usually takes priority due to the amount of content and complexity, Xingyi would be next and then Taiji. A complete system of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan are taught with elements of Taijiquan thrown into the mix.

How much do the kung fu lessons cost?

New drop-in price for March is £5 per lesson

regular price is £8 per lesson

Monthly kung fu membership is set at £58 per month.

Kung Fu Class location

Black Chalk