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If I told you that you could travel back in time or turn back the ageing process, you probably wouldn't believe me. However, recent medical research into the health of your brain suggests that this is exactly what can happen to the health of your brain through regular exercise.

Improve Neurogenesis with Internal Kung Fu.

Dr Sandrine Thuret is head of the Neurogenesis and Mental Health Laboratory, she spends her time researching the human brain, investigating its health and development. Dr Thuret offers practical research and advice on improving Neurogenesis and explains in a TED talk in 2015 explains how the human brain generates new neurons, which in turn helps us with improving mood, increasing memory formation and preventing the decline of neurogenesis associated with aging.

Endorphins are a double edged sword.

I assume most people know about endorphins and believe that they are responsible for all the times we feel good (it is called the 'happy chemical' after all). This turns out to be a huge generalisation as there are many aspects to the effects of higher numbers of different kinds of endorphins, there are at least twenty different kinds and one 'beta-endorphins' are stronger than morphine, playing their part in alcoholism, diabetes and even aging the brain. So, while endorphins are inextricably interlinked with neurons they are not solely responsible for how we feel or that they are always a good thing.

Internal Kung Fu is much safer than running.

So, I'd just like to bring to people's attention this research into the regeneration of neurons that appear to be the real cause of healthy minds and good feelings. The link to Internal Kung Fu is based on the fact that physical exercise promotes the generation of new neurons in the brain at least. If you are like me and hate running then you should look towards other forms of exercise, the reason I believe Internal Kung Fu is so good for the promotion of neurogenesis is because it not only relies on physical movement that is not exhaustive (as we know exhaustion and fatigue decrease the generation of new neurons in the Hippocampus) but also focuses on meditation, another key component that helps us with happiness and increases our levels of empathy.

Internal Kung Fu can still be tiring and strenuous but it strengthens the physical body in a much safer way, it may take longer than going to the gym but every day training kung fu we are one step closer to having a healthier mind and body. This doesn't mean you can't get physically stronger from  practicing Internal Kung Fu, it just takes more time and is a much safer way to get there.

improve you mental health with internal kung fu and a healthy diet
Diet plays a major part in mental health development.

Diet has a lot to do with improving your mental health.

There are obviously a lot of ways we can improve our health and common sense really does dictate the better path to healthy neurogenesis. For example as Dr Thuret points out in her TED talk, we are already able to determine what is good and bad for the development of our mental health, high saturated fats (bad), Omega 3 fatty acids (good), ethanol (booze) is bad, red wine (in moderation) is good... the list could go on but like in the video if you were asked the questions you would most likely answer correctly.

New Internal Kung Fu lessons starting in Bath, March 5th 2018.

As of March 5th there are new lessons in Internal Kung Fu starting in central Bath on Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30pm till 9:15pm. If you are interested please contact me on the form below. Thanks

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