Every lineage holder needs a name

Internal Kung Fu master and the new lineage holder Long De Guan

One thing I forget to tell people is our school name, it was given to me when I was teaching Internal Kung Fu in Japan. Let me tell you that trying to get things done in Japan if you’re a foreigner is pretty tough, and practically impossible if you don’t speak fluent Japanese.

Due to Japan’s regular ridiculousness regarding regulation and anything official, I needed an official certificate from my kung fu teacher in Tawain that named me as a certified instructor of Internal Kung Fu. I put the question to Luo and very quickly was issued with one of the first, if not the first teacher certificates and given a school name.

I stayed in Japan for two years and left in 2010 for a brief stay in Taiwan before heading back to the UK armed with certification and my school name, I like to translate my school name a bit too literally “The Moral Dragon”, but the full name is very nice and makes me proud of all the years dedicated to training with Lou.

龍德館 long de guan. (meaning: self-cultivation, self-possession and style)

Long: dragon

De: virtue, ethic, morality

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Kung Fu Instructor Kung Fu Styles: Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Taijiquan with a background in external kung fu and western boxing.

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