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    I have been going on about how important strengthening the abdomen area is for improving core strength and maintaining better alignment of the hip and spine. I’m not a physiotherapist nor have I researched this topic very much, it is something which I think lacks in our training so I wanted to draw more attention to it.

    I’ve been focussing on ab workouts and looking a various trainers on YouTube, firstly I’d say that even the videos presented to absolute beginners are not even close to beginner level, you’ll find most trainers are hugely ripped guys or girls showing obvious signs of really struggling through their own routines. I’ve also found some good videos that were promoting some dangerously strenuous exercises that I’d also recommend not doing (basically holding and twisting in a halfway sit up position….NO! just bad, don’t do it!).

    SO, I have dropped a link here to a workout that I did go through and found the exercises were great and well performed, while the trainers are drop dead gorgeous it wasn’t why I chose these videos, I looked at quite a few different videos and it was typical that the male instructors are just too extreme, I know some people might say “hey Joe Wicks isn’t extreme”, I know but he really isn’t very good.

    This is the Elizabeth Chu workout and boy it is really tough.

    This video was also pretty good and I’m afraid we have another sexy as hell instructor here, the exercises are excellent and I’ll be doing this set tonight.

    Good to share if you have any other videos for core exercises that are less distracting perhaps.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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