Baguazhang Stick Martial Art Intro 2015 YouTube

Baguazhang Stick

By Oliver Smith / 27th March 2016

I was back in Taiwan throwing around my stick. There are many drills with the staff we teach but this video shows excerpts of the Gao style Bagua staff form,…

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Ollie Smith training Xingyi Quan Dragon

Xingyiquan Five Elements

By Oliver Smith / 15th March 2016

The five basic actions of Xingyiquan. The five basic actions are based on the five primary earthly elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth Each element generates the next as follows:…

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Yizong Internal Kung Fu

24 key demands of Internal Kung

By Oliver Smith / 15th March 2016

  The twenty-four key demands of Bagua Post-Heaven palms: 1. 眼要明 The eyes should be clear 2. 耳要靈 The ears should be lively 3. 手要快 The hands should be fast 4.…

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Internal Kung Fu with Ollie Smith

Dealing with pain barriers

By Oliver Smith / 3rd March 2016

Surpassing Pain.  I’ve always been very sensitive in regards to not only everything and everyone around me but also myself and my health.I guess the reason I mention this is…

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