The Internal Kung Fu of Bagua Zhang with Ollie Smith

Post Heaven Bagua Zhang

By Oliver Smith / 29th August 2017

Post-Heaven Bagua Zhang. Also known as Straight Line Bagua there are 64 individual forms separated into 8 lines of 8 forms, practised separately and linked together, each line with a focused…

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Internal Kung Fu logo for Yizong LDG

Kung Fu classes open for limited number in Bath, Somerset.

By Oliver Smith / 11th August 2017

8 PLACES AVAILABLE FOR WEEKLY KUNG FU CLASS IN BATH £45 per month I am happy to announce the regular Internal kung fu lessons run by Oliver Smith at Internal…

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Ollie Smith Bagua circle walking

Pre-Heaven Bagua Zhang

By Oliver Smith / 4th July 2017

Pre-Heaven Bagua by Internal Kung Fu master Luo Dexiu Lou Dexiu Pre-Heaven Bagua In the Pre-Heaven Bagua palms of the Yizong lineage there is a strong association to the form…

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Master Luo and Ollie Smith training Taiji -Si Ping Tui Shou

Introducing Master Luo De Xiu.

By Oliver Smith / 25th April 2017

One of the best Internal Kung Fu masters around today I began my journey with Luo in 1999 and still train with him today, when I can find him that…

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Musashi Andy Hug

Destroying the will.

By Oliver Smith / 23rd April 2017

Andy Hug vs Mike Bernado 1996 K1 Grand Prix. Internal Kung Fu ideas on destryoying the will. This is not a story about the magnificent Andy Hug or K1. ‘Destroying…

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Internal Kung Fu with Ollie Smith

Fighting with Internal Kung Fu

By Oliver Smith / 14th April 2017

Fighting with Internal kung fu the obsession. If you are into kung fu you’ve probably spent a huge amount of time working on martial applications, you also might fall into…

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