Entering Circle Walking Fluidly by Ollie Smith

Entering Circle Walking Fluidly in Pre-Heaven Bagua.

By Oliver Smith | 24th April 2019

This way of stepping is not entirely beginner level of stepping but it does demonstrate entering Circle Walking fluidly. Why we walk in circles. Entering circle walking is more about being in a stable and yet continuous state of movement. Several things will occur to you once you have settled into walking smoothly. You will…

Ollie Smith - Double Holding Palm

The Motherpalms of Bagua Zhang

By Oliver Smith | 21st March 2019

The Motherpalms of Bagua Zhang 八母掌 Lower Pressing Posture – 下按式 Xia An Shi Holding The Taiji Ball Posture – 抱太極 Bao Taiji (or Double Stem Palm – 雙把掌 Shuang Ba Zhang) Floating Wood Palm – 漂母掌 Piao Mu Zhang (or Dragon Rising To Heaven – 龍升天 Long Sheng Tian) Support Spear Palm – 托槍式 Tuo…


Xingyi Quan drilling

By Oliver Smith | 31st January 2019

I was going through the paces of recording the 5 Elements from Xingyi Quan warm up. (with tired arms) I started drilling the punch bag and learnt that I really need to be doing much more of that sort of thing. Also, found out that my cardio has gone to shit. Always wear your gloves…

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Bagua Post-Heaven Traditional Guide to Help Improve Internal Kung Fu

By Oliver Smith | 4th May 2018

Guidelines for improving Internal Kung Fu of Bagua Post-Heaven: Introducing traditional guidelines for improving Internal Kung Fu, I can remember first reading these and quietly liking them. By the time we got our hands on this list most of us had been training Internal kung fu daily for a couple of years in Taiwan at least.…

Internal Kung Fu Mother Palms taught in Bath

The best kept secret for keeping fit in Bath.

By Oliver Smith | 12th April 2018

After years of training Kung Fu in the UK I eventually moved to Taiwan and trained Internal Kung Fu full-time from 2000 till 2008, in those eight years I dedicated myself to my teacher master Luo De Xiu (an internationally renowned kung fu teacher with a reputation for no-nonsense practical approach to fighting application). I became…

Internal Kung Fu with Ollie Smith

Reasons to try Internal Kung Fu

By Oliver Smith | 10th April 2018

Just off the top of my head I could give you many reasons why you should try Internal Kung Fu, when I meet the people who know how good Internal Kung Fu is we share knowledge like we have the best kept secret around. In today’s ultra busy hyper sensitive life most people cannot switch…

improve you mental health with internal kung fu ©2018 Internal Kung Fu

Improve your mental health – Internal Kung Fu with Ollie Smith

By Oliver Smith | 13th February 2018

If I told you that you could travel back in time or turn back the ageing process, you probably wouldn’t believe me. However, recent medical research into the health of your brain suggests that this is exactly what can happen to the health of your brain through regular exercise. Improve Neurogenesis with Internal Kung Fu.…

Internal Kung Fu improve health and movement

Improving mobility with Internal Kung Fu

By Oliver Smith | 11th January 2018

Healing with Internal Kung Fu. The following was written by one of my students and I thought it was a nice testimonial for those looking to improve their health and mobility in a safe way. “About twenty five years ago, I started to get problems with my shoulders which got worse and worse until, in…

Internal Kung Fu master and the new lineage holder Long De Guan

Every lineage holder needs a name

By Oliver Smith | 16th September 2017

One thing I forget to tell people is our school name, it was given to me when I was teaching Internal Kung Fu in Japan. Let me tell you that trying to get things done in Japan if you’re a foreigner is pretty tough, and practically impossible if you don’t speak fluent Japanese. Due to…

The Internal Kung Fu of Bagua Zhang with Ollie Smith

Post Heaven Bagua Zhang

By Oliver Smith | 29th August 2017

Post-Heaven Bagua Zhang. Also known as Straight Line Bagua there are 64 individual forms separated into 8 lines of 8 forms, practised separately and linked together, each line with a focused discipline and a traditional fighting application. Post-Heaven Sixty Four Entwining Palms. The 8 Pre-Heaven Palms are derived from sixty four single drills and which can…