24 key demands of Internal Kung

The twenty-four key demands of Bagua Post-Heaven palms:

1. 眼要明 The eyes should be clear
2. 耳要靈 The ears should be lively
3. 手要快 The hands should be fast
4. 肘要近 The elbows should stick next to the body
5. 腿要彈 The legs should spring
6. 裡要掩 Moving inwards the hand should close and turn
7. 外要撥 Moving outwards the hand should open and twist
8. 上要截 When the hand goes up, it should intercept
9. 下要攔 When the hand moves downward, it should block
10. 領要橫 Ling (leading) One hand will pull across
11. 帶要順 Dai (leading, bringing along) Two hands pull along with the movement
12. 摟要實 Lou (embracing) should be tight
13. 抓要實 Zhua (grabbing) A grab must be solid
14. 頓要擢 Dun (shocking and pulling down) should be done suddenly
15. 托要準 Tuo (Lifting up) must be accurate
16. 掖要連 Ye (clasping) should be connected
17. 擠要黏 Ji (pressing) should stick
18. 刁要爆 Diao (hooking) should be explosive
19. 崩要急 Beng (smashing) should be quick
20. 撞要靠 Zhuang (crashing) should be done close
21. 扳要猛 Ban (pulling against) should be fierce and swift
22. 扣要狠 Kou (hooking) should be merciless
23. 步要清 Footwork and stepping should be distinct
24. 身要活 The body must be lively

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