2022 Gao Bagua lesson live stream explanation

Baguazhang Lesson subscription

No matter where you are in the world, this Bagua lesson live stream can be joined in real time or watched back at a later date. Lessons are scheduled on local Greenwich Mean Time / London.

This standard Bagua lesson is for beginners and covers all aspects of training traditional kung fu. You’ll learn how to hold your posture, stepping, traditional Bagua forms, even fighting application. Progression through the Bagua syllabus is guided by Ollie Smith, similar to a 1 on 1 Kung Fu lesson. You will practise the movements repeatedly along with the instructor.

You’ll learn about stretching and how to warm up properly. You will learn traditional breathing methods that help with your mental and physical health. Gradually, you will upgrade your skill, coordination, balance and strength.

How does the live stream work?

The Bagua live stream is viewable directly on the website, you only need to log in. Head to the Bagua live stream page and watch the current lesson and 3 previous. Each lesson is one way video, there is no two way or group video sharing.

What if I have a question?

Any questions can be asked during the live stream lesson via Skype chat. If you do not join the Bagua lesson live stream, then you can head over to the Bagua Forum to post questions. The Bagua Forum is only accessible to paying members and cannot be accessed by the public.

Bagua Live Stream Time Zones

The regular Bagua lesson is streamed every Sunday at 11am GMT/London. The following list will help people in other countries the different times they can join live.

  • USA West Coast Bagua – Pacific Time 03:00 PST
  • USA Central Bagua – Central Time 05:00 CST
  • USA East Coast Bagua – Eastern Time 06:00 EST
  • BERLIN GERMANY Bagua – Central Europe 12:00 CET
  • MOSCOW RUSSIA Bagua – 14:00 MSK

Join the regular Bagua Live Stream

Remember the regular Bagua is for beginners, if you are not then head over to the Advanced Bagua subscription.

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Kung Fu Instructor Kung Fu Styles: Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Taijiquan with a background in external kung fu and western boxing.

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