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Subscription Testimonials

I have been signed up to the online subscription since it commenced and it provides quality instruction and is an excellent learning tool.


I have trained with Ollie both in person and via the online Bagua subscription. The online training sessions are clear and systematic and Ollie is always quick to answer any questions.

Berry Bloomberg

Lessons taught by Ollie Smith

As you probably know I'm a certified Baguazhang and Xingyiquan instructor. I was based in Taiwan for many years with master Lou De Xiu and continue to head back there yearly. If you have any questions about the subscriptions do not hesitate to get in touch, it would be great to hear from you.

Gao style Baguazhang

This lesson runs once per week, currently scheduled Tuesday evening from 8:00 pm till 8:45 pm GMT London.

Training will cover all aspects of the Baguazhang syllabus and be taught to all members with an active subscription.

If you proceed with this transaction you agree to be contacted by Ollie Smith. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions at any time via the member portal on the website and also in writing via the contact page, this will stop any recurring payments. The recorded lessons are for subscribing members only and access to them must not be shared with anyone. This is in the interest of keeping the lessons going and paying for the ongoing costs of running the lessons, many thanks for your support.

I hope that this information helps, if you have any other questions please contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

thanks. Ollie Smith

Catch up sessions

All live streaming lessons are recorded and shared with existing members. This subscription gives you repeated access to the current lesson and three preceding lessons. Which you can watch as many times as you like.

Forum access

Becoming an active subscriber of the Bagua lessons gives you access to the Bagua section of the forum which is closed to the public. You can access resources and view content that is not shared anywhere else.