The Motherpalms of Bagua Zhang

Ollie Smith - Double Holding Palm

The Motherpalms of Bagua Zhang 八母掌

  1. Lower Pressing Posture – 下按式 Xia An Shi
  2. Holding The Taiji Ball Posture – 抱太極 Bao Taiji (or Double Stem Palm – 雙把掌 Shuang Ba Zhang)
  3. Floating Wood Palm – 漂母掌 Piao Mu Zhang (or Dragon Rising To Heaven – 龍升天 Long Sheng Tian)
  4. Support Spear Palm – 托槍式 Tuo Qiang Shi (or Lion Opening Its Mouth – 獅子張口 Shizi Zhang Kou)
  5. Upper and Lower Vertical Palm – 上下立掌 Shang Xia Li Zhang (or Piercing Heaven Hitting Earth – 指天打地 Zhi Tian Da Di)
  6. Double Holding Palm – 雙抱掌 Shuang Bao Zhang (or White Monkey Offers Peaches – 白猴獻桃 Bai Hou Xian Tao)
  7. Double Crashing Palm – 雙撞掌 Shuang Zhuang Zhang
  8. Turning Palm – 轉環掌 Zhuan Huan Zhang (or Single Palm Change – 單換掌 Dan Huan Zhang)


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