Welcome to Internal Kung Fu

by Ollie Smith

by Ollie Smith


Mondays & Thursdays 7:30pm - 9:00pm

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1 on 1 tuition is available, located in central Bath, BA1 2AY only. Head over to the contact page to book your lesson.

Taijiquan, BaguazhangXingyiquan

These kung fu systems all share similar characteristics and utilise traditionally Chinese methods to unite the body and mind whilst conditioning muscles and tendons.


Martial Drills.

Unite the body and mind whilst conditioning muscles and tendons. From warming up to issuing power, stepping, striking, and throwing drills.

Kung Fu Forms.

With strong ties to fighting application - taking on the forms of Taiji, Bagua and Xingyi is quite the challenge, but, eventually becomes a truly rewarding journey.

Breathing Methods.

Breathe like you've never breathed before, with dedicated exercises that help to train the internal organs.

Fighting Applications.

Fighting methods taught range from quite elaborate traditional applications to contemporary, practical direct attacks.

Internal kung fu doesn't rely on hard (external) methods to develop physical strength or use brute strength to overcome opponents, however, do not think of Internal Kung Fu as easy or soft, the training can be strenuous and quite exhausting. I have often been told how surprised a student was with the amount of effort it took to complete the exercises, when considering how little they were doing.

When practising Internal Kung Fu you spend a lot of your time working on coordination, control, focusing the mind and breathing.

Internal Kung Fu is extremely challenging and usually attracts people with a good foundation in martial arts.

Taiji, Bagua and Xingyi are much more than exercise or fighting, they can affect your entire life. Through practising internal kung fu one can develop many varied skills and improve health of the mind and body.